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This is a collection of somewhat scholarly critiques and papers I have written about the subject of Gothic and Lolita.
This does not mean that the other parts of my site are not scholarly, just that these are geared more towards the people who are interested in learning about the Japanese gothic and lolita ideologies, formation, and anything else that will not help you be a better lolita, but simply make you more worldly and aware of Japanese culture.


1. Kamikaze Revisited: The Futile Martyrdom of the Gothic Lolita
this paper was written over three years ago, but I feel that it still holds ideologically.
People may change, but media given ideologies rarely change all that much.

2. Critique of the "Morbid Outlook" article on Gothic and Lolita
I basically rip it apart. It deserves it.
There are two parts, so be sure to go on the the next one if you want to read the entire critique.

3. Lolita and the Occult
Just a thought I had after studying Aum Shinrikyou (my name has NOTHING to do with them)

4. Visual Kei Survey
These are writings taken and translated from a visual kei fan's site.
She decided to do some research into the visual kei scene to answer some basic questions,
such as age, vocab, dress, etc. Since a large number of lolita are bandgirls, I translated this.
Not only do I agree with her results, but she is funny. And now, since she is Japanese,
I figure you have to believe me because I'm not the only one saying these things anymore.

5. The introduction article to Kamikaze Girls (Lolita)
I wrote it. Please support them and watch/buy the video; they're wonderful people who are truly
interested in the gothic and lolita culture!

6. A Sample of Gothic and Lolita conversation on 2ch (from 11.05)
Be warned. But it answers some questions about cosplay and brand quality.

7. Gothic and Lolita Timeline (Rococco Vol. 1)
This is a very biased look at the development of gothic and lolita.
The author's goal is to show that it started out as a bandgirl craze,
and then gained validity as a fashion style that influenced the world.
The magazine did not include Moitie, and so as you can see, they are not very bandgirl-friendly.

8. The Driving Force Behind Lolita and this Site
This is part of my research, and my conclusion as to why
the majority of people wear lolita clothing. It may interest some,
and was concluded through interraction with lolita and various anthropological
texts on subculture, japanese culture, etc. I apologize for the personal sections,
but if you would read them as well, I would be extremely happy.

9. On Visual Kei - What's it really about over there? *NEW*
This is an answer to a question I received about visual kei.
This is what I gather.