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The Moi-tachi~
Basically, I want to sing (mostly), model, or act, etc.
So this is partly self promotion, yes, and I feel absolutely horrible for it but...can't be helped I suppose...
This way I might also answer some questions you have about how I see gothic and lolita and give you an idea
of what the Japanese train stations look like...
Anyway, again, I apologize.

Everyone says this picture makes them want to hug something, kind of like Unico, the happy little Unicorn the Gods wanted to eliminate for making everyone happy. The gods are kinda like that I guess. It's shirololita with a Moitie twist.


This isn't a recognized style. The line is tighter like Mana's styles, but it's white. Without the coat it is EGL though. (coat and shirt from Boz, skirt from Moitie)

Same make up and hair, just a little more of a close up on the make-up. I was trying to look poisonous ^_^
The closest I will ever get to cosplay I suppose, which isn't very close at all. I still got mistaken for Mana once XD

This is Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (shirt from Moitie, coat from Boz)



Gothic Lolita, or punk lolita if you want to use that (all H.Naoto)

I'm actually a unicorn. This is my unicorn outfit, but it can also be considered gothic (Moitie, sleaves BSSB)

This is Drag Queen >_< Dada cosplay (same Boz coat, Arachnophobia all else)

...Yes, I take a lot of photos in the public restrooms. Big mirrors.

My Secret.....
I'm a cross dresser. This winter I got lonely, but I couldn't find my ideal man so I became him. There are better pictures, if anyone's interested ^^
*yes, I brag about my boyfriend...horribly vain as it is. I really, truly don't like how I look though*

This was taken on my birthday. The suit's Jane Marple (good for Oojisama look)
Somehow I wanted to find a not-me princess that day and protect her ^_^

He's not always noble and princely though...

And that was useless, but that was also me (laughs)