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About Me *fufu*

(all-site updates here)


A few things. First, apoogies for the state of the site
over the past few months. It was hacked and I've been too busy
to reconstruct. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Second, as you all probably know by now, Dada resumed activity last year>
While I think he is a very nice person and wish him all
the happiness and luck in whatever he does from now on,
I made the decision not to continue following his activity.

With modern technology and social networks, he is quite capable
of communicating with the foreign fanbase directly.
There is no need for a site like this one...
Plus, to be honest, I am busy. A couple years ago I moved to France,
not knowing any of the language or culture, and it has taken
a lot of time and energy to get to a comfortable point.
I have a fulltime job and a squeezy kitty too. In short,
I no longer have time to update the site, nor see a need to.

I will leave what is here up as a thank you to everyone
who has enjoyed it over the years, and to Dada himself for being himself.
I'm no mitsu so I never had any connections to him, but
I've always appreciated him for what he does, whatever it is.

And with that said, ciao and bises!

This site is for the Japanese gothic and perhaps visual kei unit/band Velvet Eden.
For those who are familiar with the band, it focuses mostly on the 1st and second member line-ups
(Dada and Kalm : Dada, Hora, Masahiro, R.Y.O., Abe).

SITE-SPECIFIC NEWS: New layout...same site though, with the acception of a few updates in the bio section
Well, other than that, this odd version of the site is fondly referred to as "The Snot Version" because of
the dirty yellow tape mark at the top that looks like someone sneezed on it.
Read more on the "about the site" link on the left.

Oh, and by the way......thank you...


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