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Known for his appearances and columns in the Gothic & Lolita bible, his clothing line, novels, advice columns, and the newly released "Kamikaze Girls" (Shimotsuma Monogatari), for which he wrote the original book that became the screenplay, Takemoto Novala is currently one of the main figures in the Gothic and Lolita scene. Back in 2004 he was described in the newspaper as "The Lolita's Bard."
Just from reading his works, I get the sense that Takemoto has a definite sense of what it means to be not only lolita, but to be human as well, and tries his best to live out that ideal. As I translate more of his works, I will be placing them on this page for others to read and providing commentary on Japanese society and lolita culture. This is where my own ideology comes into play I suppose...I feel that if people are going to read ideological texts from other languages, they ought to know the context in which those texts were written because, honestly, a Western lolita is not going to be like a Japanese lolita. If you have any appreciation whatsoever for this site, I would ask you to read my somewhat lengthy notes, which are linked at the bottom of the page in green. Thank you.
And on a sidenote, "Soreinu" is a collection of Nobara's advice columns to young girls. This means he is often writing in response to letters he has received and worries his readers have expressed. This also means you should consider the motivations for writing these (hint: read my interpretations for one suggestion).

01. I Don't Need Things like Friends
22. The Lolita's Shell
32. A Psychology Gentle on Love
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