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10/14/05 - 03/01/06

05/25/04 Hii... (Japanese sound)

Everything's so busy lately.
Just now were in the middle of recording Schwarz Stein's pre-scheduled album (to be released in June).
As the producer I have to be there. Well, everything's going well, so it's really quite excellent.

Well then, I think I'll continue the talk about my album, right?


It's composed from a 2-pattern AB construction. It's one of the more simple songs I've written.
Because of that, I had a chance to show off in the way it unfolds. So I changed the approach I used for the other songs and toned down the guitar a bit.
You probably noticed the first melody repeats 3 times, but the second lyrical melody is really different (they use the same chords though). That's what I like about it. For some reason, it makes me remember the past.
After it passes through the rythm the piano and pipe organ come in, which I think makes it more dramatic. It has a sort of sad sense, like requems do.
You can think of it as the one catch song in the album, but I'm fond of the suffocating, sad
feeling it adds.


It's the only "medium number" song on the album.
The whole thing doesn't have a heavy approach, and it's the only one on the album where the "cutting" is done with a "sabi no clean guitar."
And the distorted guitar cuts through the deeper sounds and lightens things. It makes the song more intimate.
The part up to the time the "sabi" develops revives my memories from my days as a child. At that instant I feel a weight of sadness upon my chest.
I tried to tone down the different sounds so I could express the theme independently. The beat's different too, and though it's a later song, the drum's click is segmented. In the intro it sounds like it was syncopated. Until I heard that from Tooru-san (the drummer) I had no idea. Maybe it's a strange feeling, but that wasn't what I was originally aiming for.



04/10/03 - *sigh*

The [Dix Infernal] lives have ended peacefully,
and I can finally relax *sigh*


When then, I think I'll continue the talk about my album.

front at baiser

This song's the type I want to float through your head.
There's a nice feel to the part when the two bases come in, and the really fast beat after that.

01/01/03 - It has already begun

2003 The new year has begun.


12/25/02 - March 19th

What did you do for Christmas?
I went to the dark party on Christmas eve and danced all crazy-like.
Black X-mas banzai!
And on March 19th
On this day of destiny, my first album [Dix infernal] will be released.
I hope you are waiting in fear.
I am fearful
Dokotan jan


11/25/02 - The Long Awaited Powerhouse

It was hot
I felt it warmly, passionately

In the first half of the show
The power of your excitement
Shakes my heart
And right there the vortex of every possible emotion
Changed something deep within me
Raise up your arms even more passionately
And we will call out
"My dis your dis"
Something has begun…


11/20/02 - The Dark Party (or "Black Celebration" says I ^^)

So…the dark party was finally urged into being before my eyes.
Lets raise up both hands to the pitch black darkness, and together say "dix"
Mana-sama's one-point-lessons for attending the show
Lesson 1
First, listen to my first single [Dialogue Symphonie] as loudly as you possibly can at home
and understand it in your own special way
Lesson 2
Try to feel what I felt as I wrote the song
Without thinking, feel them in your heart
Lesson 3
Call out the [forbidden] "my dis" "your dis"
And in that instant we will become one
And the place has been decided; the (um…I couldn't read the kanji).
Because it is my first one-man live, do you think something will happen?!
Be afraid!!


11/15/02 - Excitement

So…the first Moi dix Mois countrywide tour is finally drawing near.
A happy excited feeling is setting in.
And my first single will come out soon too.
Before the live, please listen to it thoroughly and pass through into the forbidden world.
Crazily, let us make it a night of carnal desires.

I am looking forward to it.
Rotting, rotting, rotting...(or the sound is kusu kusu kusu, so he could be laughing. I dunno)


10/16/02 - The Beast's Roar

*sigh* Yesterday was a day for an occasional sigh
Because I went to a black/death metal live

The electricity of the crowd fused together and he males in the audience one by one begin to let out an audacious roar.
It was an inhuman howl
It was just like I was with a pack of beasts at feeding time!?
And with that the violent live started.
There was a two bass sucession and a high gear snare resounded, and my heart soared.
And in my heart I gave a roar of joy


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