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Lolita Thoughts and Experiences

Everything written in here is just my thoughts and experiences. I dunno...I get bored, I have my way of thinking regarding lolita, etc....and I made a pretty background I wanted to use. If you find anything that interests you, please access it through the index.

02.04.06 - Genjitsu yori Aishiteru kara...(common sense)
12.31.06 - I Can't Write Poetry but I did it Anyway ~ Expectations et L'amour~
11.11.06 - Alonzo and the Meatball (I don't get guys)
10.15.06 - It's Time for The Dictator to Lay Down his Arms.... (I do follow politics)
09.25.06 - I'm so Coooooold (Who took Nicky's Beer?! Oh noes)
09.04.06 - When Enough is Enough and I've Read too Much Ayn Rand

08.26.06 - Did you Ever Stop to Think....(Part 2) (a lighter version)
08.24.06 - Did you Ever Stop to Think....(why lolita are lolita and my ideology)
06.04.06 - Of Pets and People and Bad Japanese Poetry (personal but amusing? angst)
05.31.06 - Kayaswife, Circk, and the Ominous 'Specting' Deathwish (bandgirl)
05.16.06 - Silent Hill - I Don't Need Useless Things (an ideology of love)
05.07.06 - You're Singing! You must be Happy! (my meeting with a particular lolita)
05.03.06 - Saitou-kun Desu Ga, Nani Ka? (about cross dressing)
04.23.06 - INDWELL - To Believe in Music and Dreams (Schwarz Stein & Horasolo)
04.14.06 - Faith Lies in Children (perhaps), Scary Little Poppets Though They Be
04.06.06 - Yusa and Taniyama and Lolita no Uta *oh my* (actual cultural relevance)
04.05.06 - Oh Mister Mouse, How I Wish I Could Have my Own Ball...
03.31.06 - People Keep Laughing at Me!
02.02.05 - I Can Wear Whatever I Want.

01.21.05 - Why Become a Lolita?
01.04.05 - Inner Beauty