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Aboot Moi Ya ZE o......rz


Profile, contact info, artwork samples, etc. If you think we'd be compatible, don't hesitate to comment and add me on lj/mixi.


Name: Faith Shinri
Nicknames: Kan-chan, Cambi (ONLY my brother), Little Girl...Faith XD
Birthday: March, 24, 198X
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 46-50 kgs
Blood Type: unknown~ It's probably A, but most people say I'm AB type.
Hair: it changes monthly. Anything natural.
Eyes: blue, as of usually. Sometimes they are brown or green or purple, or 1 brown and 1 green and 1 purple.
I also have a few pairs of glasses, which I love.
Um, education?: B.A. in Anthro, East Asian Studies, minor in Econ...modelling? XD *seriously*
Language: English, Japanese, a bit of French, Spanish, and Chinese
Interests: other countries, traveling, web design, programming, business Japanese, drawing, Peek-a-Pooh, fashion, animals, drag,
Aspirations: Get MBA, move to Japan, better job, songwriting and singing
Flaws: not responding to emails (^^;), zone out during conversations, childishness, depression, obsessive, distrusting, distant, yume miru gachi tennenboke na shojo
Colors: black, white, ice blue, pink, red, cream,
Music: anything, esp "water songs". Digital, 80's, French 60's, cartoon themes
Mimori Yusa, The Offspring, Rob Zombie, Mylene Farmer, Army of Lovers, Oginome Yoko, VE, Sopor Aeternus, Malice, Shuba, Eurythmics, Soft Ballet, Misteltein

old and creepy, sci-fi, indies, artsy, Minna no Uta, Tim Burton's (esp NBC)
My Little Ponies, Jisatsu Circle, The Cube, City of the Lost Children, The Last Unicorn, Belleville Triplets, Dali's, Little Mermaid, Alien (Hora's fault)

Anime: Utena, Kenshin, Kodocha, Crayon Shin-chan, Bleach, Fushigi Yuugi
Books: Non-fiction, Ayn Rand, Harry Potter, ZNKGSS
Animals: Cats, Hermit crabs, Crickets, Horses,
the Mizonokuchi fishes who hit each other with their noses and are Mine.
Collections: My little ponies, glasses, boots, clothing, cat shaped erasers
Clothing: Kenneth Cole, Karen Millen, Buffalo, Abercrombie, Nine West,
Thiery Muggler (but it's too expensive) and an UBER obsession with Victoria's Secret
Flowers: morning glories, day lilies (esp white and Shepherd's Lilies), primroses, black roses
Perfume: thick and sweet ^^ ~ Anything Thierry Mugler, Sui Yume - Anna Sui, With All my Heart - *I forgot*, Rockin Rio - Escada...
....and that one I keep smelling when I have olifactory hallucinations...O_o"
Dislikes: Stereotyping, prejudice, incompetence, little fish with guts, owning a car, vis kei, my weight, machismo, money
Scariest moment ever: I ate a pig ear once without knowing it and then got sick.
Surprisingly bored by: anime (I don't watch too much TV), boys love/yaoi, celebrities (who's Mick Jagger again?), food, abortion debates, long soliloques

Other than that, there's not really much to say that I won't get to in other places on the site or express through my drawings, writings, or....song. I dunno about the song so much though. I personally don't think it expresses much of anything come to think of it.



mixi*all in Japanese and mostly ignored*


My Head on Sunday - I dunno. I was running around at home making up things and singing them, so I decided to record it and try writing a song to match.
lyrics here it's about frogs

Part of Your World - this is what my voice really sounds like when I'm not purposely ghetto. Yeah, Little Mermaid (laughs) I just like the movie a lot. It's kinda old, but I haven't changed that much...just better range and timing and variety of songs, that stuff. I still suck though XD...and wanna start a band. Go figure.

Imifumei (Unclear Comics)

Steps to Good Management - I was once a manager of a store as my summer job.

Imifumei II - 01.2006, 2- I was watching Mylene Farmer's music video and drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper when I realized that I watch to many music videos and drink too much diet soda. So I made this comic as a lesson to all those who share a similar fate. The moral is "naseba naru, nasaneba naranu, nanigoto mo", which is indeed an old Japanese proverb

Imifumei III - 05.2002 - This will help you to understand part of (but not all of) the reason that I like shoes and wrestling so much. Perhaps.

Imifumei IV - 07.2005 - at some point in June I saw an interesting man on the streets of The Middle of the Countryside in Japan. Because I lived there. With pride. I guess what caught my attention about him was his hair; it was blonde, and in Japan blonde hair usually means gyaru-o (if it's overdyed and ugly), male host, jobless or neeto, or celebrity or free-lance artisticly oriented person. His hair was well dyed though and he didn't seem like a host, and his clothes were too offbeat fashionable to be unemployed or the like = INTERESTING. But he was looking the other way. So I went to the other way...and he turned away again. And I thought of kicking him. I searched around a bit later, but I couldn't find anyone famous with the same....back (-_-). So I decided he was an alien sent to the earth with his mate to take over the world. Obviously. And if it's alien, it has a thong and is Dada. Obviously.
here 2 3 4 end is the related comic, and it is backwards, so please read from right to left.

Imifumei V - 07.2005 - I once wrote a fanletter to Mana to tell him, among other things, that I didn't believe in the occult, I like Gakimizu, and that Nakamori Akina rules...but if I were to have written him a serious thank you note, it would have looked like this.
But before I left, the staff in Moitie had been really nice to me, so I drew them this.

Artworkish (I'm not very good)

05.06 - After my friend sent me a strip show video, which I found rather unattractive, I decided to draw something that indeed did have the semblance of allurment. Of course I don't know how well it turned out but....

05.06 - Based on the cover of Jade by Moriken (Ken Morioka)!!!!! But me-atized, so it's just about happy flowers and youth and freedom now.

03.06 - this was originally suppose to be Birdman but it changed somehow....I like him *cackle* I've got a lot of drawings, but I can't find them, so this is just a sample I suppose. I've not had training (one drawing class), so they're pretty bad but still...it's my world in my drawings so....

02.06 - I don't like dolls. I'm not a doll.

08.05 - I have this tendency to find interesting people and make up stories about them. For some reason I can't forget this man though (>_<)
translation here I kind of wish I had talked to him...he was really....at any rate, he left an impression on me I suppose (laugh) You don't find 25 or so year old Japanese men dressed just like highly fashionable Massachusetts middle school boys from the mid 90's walking around Shinjuku every day, you know? Except for the sunglasses and hat and long hair and all that. I have the same hat more or less. I stuck it on my lamp with my brother's google-eyed brain head with my blonde wig and made "the moitie-bear noselamp of infinite luminosity." He's good friend. Perfectly preserved (momochan and Skinny Puppy/Legendary Pink Dots reference)...picture later, perhaps.

03.05 - this is Juka. What? It is.

???? - The Gothic Hollish Milkmaid

???? - The God of Bean Paste or Miyavi I suppose


Coming soon....


Fat Gotada - um....it's a long story. If you don't know what "Papa wa Newscaster" is, you've not been reading Hora's diary entries, and you don't know about Dragonballz, Air Jordans, and Dada...it's completely nonsensical. Which is cool by me.

Koushin Ka Yo?! - again....