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This site has been around since 2002, when it started as somewhat of a joke...and then got serious. For more information about the site and I, please click on the "Why's the site so odd?" link on the right hand side of the Dada-bubble. For a guide of the different links, please scroll down and read the descriptions below.

Gothic Lolita - This is the section of the site where I pass on my research into the gothic and lolita subculture to you. There are two parts.
Part 1: Style Guide, Takemoto Nobara, Mihara Mitsukazu, Research, Related Styles.
-these give you a subjective (the the best of my abilities) look into the reality behind the gothic and lolita and visual kei scenes in Japan. Questions, ideas, and polite criticisms welcome. Recognize that I have degrees in anthropology and Japanese culture from a rather high ranking university (=trustable)
Part 2: Personal Diary, gallery, artworks, etc.
-these are the more personal side of my involvement with gothic and lolita. They give you a glimpse into my ideology, styles, goals, and who I am. This also temporarily served as the site hub because of its seeming popularity.

Band Sites:
Malice Mizer/M10M
- One of the key bands in gothic lolita and visual kei history. Original members Mana, Kozi, Yuuki, Kami, and Tetsu released "Memoire". Tetsu left and was replaced with the infamous Gackt. They released 2 albums, "Sans Retour" and "Merveilles" and a smattering of singles, until Gackt left to pursue a until recently pretty good solo career. Kami died of a brain hemhoridge (sp), leaving Mana, Kozi, and Yuuki to release another album with Klaha as mystery vocals. He was then made a member for 3 releases until the band stopped activities in 2001. Mana started Moi Dix Mois (M10M) ten months later and Kozi and Klaha started solo projects.
This section includes a gallery, lyric translations and romanji for Merveilles, Voyage, and Klaha solo releases. Also includes Kozi and Mana solo release translations and romanji, Monologue Theatre translations in scattering. There are also interview translations, gallery, translated doujinshi scans, random whatnot, and a silly personality quiz.

Velvet Eden - Band formed in 1998 by Dada and Kalm, with Dada on vocals and visuals and drag queening, Kalm on composition and keyboard/programming. Dada was friends with Mana until he annoyed him I've heard. Kalm then left the band in 1999 and was thought to have disappeared, but didn't thankfully. Dada stayed on vocals and the band took a more rock feeling with 4 new members: RYO, Hora, Masahiro, and Abe. Hora left in 2000 to start Rudolph Steiner with Hime(also known as Kaya). All members but Dada left again shortly after. They were replaced by Mimi, Bera, and Lem, and released some demo tapes until Dada withdrew from the band by not showing up to a live. He now works for another major label band. The band changed their name to "The Velvet", got a new singer named Reina, who also left a while ago, and released a few CDs before simply fading out.
Site includes biographies of anyone ever in VE (aside from the support guitarist in the Sad Mask video), lyrics, interviews, transcripts, gallery, downloads, and random facts. Also includes whatever little snippets I've made and plopped down on the page in a haphazard fashion.

Schwarz Stein - A 2 man unit which started out as Rudolph Steiner, with Hime on lyrics and vocals and Hora (ex Velvet Eden) on keyboard and programming. They released 2 demo tapes and were then picked up and produced by Moi Dix Mois's Mana. Hime changed his name to Kaya, and the band's name went from Rudolf Steiner to Schwarz Stein. They released 2 CD's and 2 singles before disbanding. Later, the collaborated once more as one time only unit "Another Cell" to release the similarly titled "Another Cell." Now they have solo projects.
Site includes translations of all lyrics from Rudolf Steiner, Schwarz Stein, and Another Cell, as well as all other lyrics written by Kaya in previous bands. Also includes Schwarz Stein era site diary translations, interviews, biographies, introductions to member's favorite bands, manga, etc, live report, and some other silly things.

Hora Solo - Started as keyboardist in Velvet Eden in 1999, and left in 2000 to form Rudolf Steiner with Hime. Got picked up by Mana and the band name changed to Schwarz Stein, which had 2 CD and 1 single releases before they broke up March 2004. After Schwarz Stein disolved Hora released a solo album exactly 1 year later called "Inner Universe" (contract terms anyone?). Around Christmas he release his second solo album, "The World," and then worked with Kaya to release "Another Cell"...but does not seem to consider it his CD, but more of Kaya's work.
Site includes blog entry translations, solo project lyrics, helpful links, and attempted explainations to Hora's somewhat cryptic diary references with more non-so helpful links. When applicable, will include CD ordering information and anything else I see fit or important to include.
*has the seal of not-rejected-yet from Hora: aka you can trust it or he can't read english well enough*

Kaya (external) - link to fansite run by Hime. I do all the diary translations ...although apparently other people do too, for some reason, which perplexes me, but I suppose people can do as they see fit for whatever reason (laughs). Includes all of Kaya's solo diary entry translations, gallery, lyrics, and recent info.

Kaya (on site info) - Kaya's career went Meites -> Isola -> Rudolf Steiner ->
Schwarz Stein -> Another Cell -> Solo. Now he is still at solo, and commissioned songs from Kalm of ex-Velvet Eden (see? told you he wasn't gone ^___^) for his release "Kaleidoscope". He appears intent on continuing activity with various composers under his ever present concept of "decadent beauty".
Site includes whatever I personally feel like putting up there. Usually just translations that don't belong anywhere else and CD release info, etc. I pretty much leave everything to Hime, but sometimes I'll add stuff here for reasons beknowns only to me.

Blam Honey (external) - I was asked to do some song, etc translations and contribute pictures to a projected Blam Honey site. Blam Honey was a major label Industrial unit with Tatsuya on vocals and Ryonai on keyboard. They broke up and some people thought they died (seriously), but no one really knows still...though we hope not...after that, Ryonai started "Suppurate System" with Micael, which I call suppurite system because it makes it impossible to find in google, and has an accessory, bondage, other things accessory line that can be found by googling "suppurate system" (he made Kaya's crown, in case it wasn't obvious). Ryonai was a support member for Soft Ballet. Although I don't know much about Tatsuya, I do like the lyrics, and I like what I know of Ryonai fairly much (he reminds me of me in some ways, and that is a source of entertainment for myself...only I'm never making dolls again), and so I'm promoting the band.

Soft Ballet - Major label digital unit from the later 80's/early 90's. Comprised Ryouichi Endo on vocals, Ken Morioka on keyboard, and Makii Fuji on othe rkeyboard. They broke up a decade ago, and Ryouichi started ENDS, while Moriken started his own solo career, and they had a one time revival live back in 2003. They were an influence for Velvet Eden and Hora, and one can only imagine Ryonai as well, but maybe not.
Site includes carfully selected lyrics translations...it's kinda small. But it might get larger, and so I've made it it's own section. Will link back to the Schwarz Stein page.

Mimori Yusa - Mimori Yusa might seem to have nothing to do with anything else on this site, but that is wrong. I can't tell you what her connection (dissonance?) is, but just safe to say it is there. I love her, so please try her out.
Site includes discography, biography, lyric translations, and projected CD ordering information, links, diary translations, and some very innovative site design on my part, if I do say so myself.

Scanch - I'm tired of describing things. I don't know so much about them anyway.
Site includes bio, history, discography, gallery, and lyric translations. Rolly Teranishi was Genesis in one of my favorite movies, "Jisatsu Circle". It's really a very small site.

All other Band Translations - Cali Gari, Kagrra, Kozi solo, Vivid...ummm...any others there....I LOVE CaliGari! But no one seemed interested, so all that I have about them is up there. And besides, I just like their music, so I wouldn't do interviews or anything anyway.

Random things/recipes - some Japanese vocab, stuff about My Little Ponies and Margarett, my melon pan obsession and it's results, etc etc.

Why's this site so Odd? - a history of this site, which will explain why certain sections are much better in design/content/etc, and why the site is so hard to navigate at times.

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