I Don't Need Things Like Friends

As the beginning of spring passes, I often hear people discussing a particular problem: “I don’t have any friends! What should I do?” April comes around, and between new homerooms and the like, their environment and surroundings change. People are caught daydreaming while their new peers are forming groups, and before they realize it they are left all alone. When summer starts most are released from this dilemma and enjoy the break with the help of their old friends. However, even in the new season, there are some of these people who are still left alone. They show great strength and continue their lives by themselves.

A maiden does not need things like friends. Maidens are sublime and aloof by nature. In stories, the male heros will form cliques and carry out their activities together. Like in Tom Sawyer, Tom, Huckleberry Fin, and Getalobe, joined together and the three of them made the “15 boy’s drifter chronicles”, and then the 15 had to be together; they weren’t adult at all. But young ladies are different. Alice went through the perils of Wonderland by herself, and Anju helped her brother escape from the bandit’s mountain and was abandoned herself. And if you think about Meg, she was always singing, “People say I can do anything but still/ the witch girl Meg is always alone.” Being a maiden is an “absolute existence.” And being “absolute” is by definition “uniqueness” that cannot be compared to others, so maidens need no companions. Like Ken from the gangster movies, maidens have a cool independence. They say things like, “If I open my heart to people I can make friends,” but opening your heart to others is sacrelige, and you musn’t do that. A maiden’s heart is her glittering jewel, and should not be shown to others recklessly.

A maiden stands coldly like a glass pain that seems like it would shatter if touched, encased in a hard shell for protection, and that maiden, tightly bound in a web of honey and gazing at you all alone, isn’t she cute. There is no need for you to integrate yourself with the common people. It’s okay if people say you’re an “arrogant child” or a “gloomy child.” Thinking you can’t eat lunch by yourself and making friends, that’s a really silly thing to do. Being gorgeously aristocratic like Madame butterfly is an indispensable part of being an independent princess. For me, my tv and potted plants are my close friends.

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