Frequently Heard Criticisms

#1: She's just making this up.

No, I'm not, honestly! I've been trying my best and talking to lolita on the streets, at clubs, and at M10M concerts.
I've also received interviews from magazine editors (inc. the GLB), store clerks, and everyone short of the clothing designers themselves...

I'm afraid I do need to go to more lives though *sweatdrop*

And of course I plan to do more research.

#2: What do you mean boys can't be lolitas?!?

Please read my website more thoroughly and try to understand it a little better

...and open your heart *KOCCHARI STAAARE~*
... I loved the Care Bears...I still watch both of their movies every silly as it is (laughs)
But then, there's nothing wrong with being a child...right...?

Really though, like I said before in my guide, males who adhere to the style are predominately...

1. Performers
2. Goths
3. Punks
4. Cyber
5. Lolitas following the exact same style female lolitas do...and they tend not to be EGL, just amaloli.

So if you are male, and you want to be a "lolita" in the Japanese sense, then I hope to see you in a panie, skirt, high socks, and wig.
If not, I personally do not accept you as a lolita...

#3 But you said Mana's a lolita!?!? But then you say there are no male lolita!?!?! You whack dude.

Yes, I did say that. So maybe I am "whack dude" (laughs)
But I also said performers are part of a different sphere, and Mana is becoming his own ideal woman; Mana is simply Mana...I can't speak for him.

However, I can say there are two types of lolita: lolita who wear the clothes mostly because they like a certain band, and lolita who wear the clothes mostly because they like the clothes.
When asked they will be able to tell you immediately which group they fall into.
This is a very important distinction.

#4 How dare you tell me what to do! I'll wear what I want.

I've never said you couldn't, you know *sigh*
I don't know you, so why should it matter to me what you wear?
And even if I did know you, it still wouldn't matter to me what you wear as long as you didn't run around in your underpants and call it lolita.
But if you really wanted to, you could run around in your underpants and just be happy doing that, and I wouldn't stop you.

#5 Your web site is ugly.

Yes, yes it is...
I'm afraid I'm not terribly good with computers...
This is the best the site will ever be, sad fate that it be...

#6 I don't like you.

I don't like me either; I'm rather annoying. So there.

I did, however, try to be more pleasant this time...except for possibly the kocchari stare...

If anyone can figure out where I got that from (not just care bears), I will send you a box of cookies *laughs*
Really, I'm completely serious! *hint: it has not to do with cats*

If you hear any other complaints, please be sure to tell me those as well so I can address them here.

...And! (I know, I should stop...)

The cherry flowers are in bloom right now in Japan.
I thought maybe someone might like this...

I took it with my cel phone, of all things...