Velvet Eden Solo/Demo Tapes

I changed this around to be useful

But first things first. If Mana and Dada were to suddenly become one, can you imagine what the stage performances would look like? Probably something like this...

Only the two girls on the side would be men, and they would have mad pouty lips. They would also have coffins sticking out of their giant, poofy, dye-fried hair; Mada would like to make fun of himself very much. ( pic Peter McArthur)

And second "BBSs are witness to things that shouldn't be said, innocent comments can become destructive." Now I know not everyone can read Japanese, but for those who can...well, lets just say there are some rumors out there you need to be careful about. Not just for what they say about Dada either.

Now on to other things.

1. Velvet Eden sound like Soft Ballet sometimes, who sound like Depeche Mode. You may also wanna check out Strawberry Switchblade. As far as movies go, I recommend Death Race 2000, Rocky Horror, Taboo, and Wizard of Darkness. They're pretty Velvet Edeny I think.

2. Conversely, Syndrome looks like they've taken stuff from Velvet Eden. So has...Mana! It really suprised me. But if you look at the picture to the side there's definite similarities. Mana has pink hair, a spider on his cheek, and is rotting...well, that's how I see it. The spiderwebs in the background also have the same feel to them that one of the pictures from the Street of Alice cd jacket does in another picture from the same photo shoot. I know, it's obvious. Gomen nasai

4. His name means "horse" in French *laughs* At first I thought he chose that name because he has ties to Dadaism, which was an art category around the time of French impressionism. I have since been informed that I am wrong.

6. He's brave. There'd be no getting me to wear a thong on stage. But aside, his stage performances lack the grace from "Maze." It was disappointing. They must have edited things a bit. But then, no one's got everything going for them.

7. The background pictures for the Maze pv that I've been able to identify are: Bephomet (ala Eliphas Levi), palmistry, Michaelangelo's pentagram, zodiac wheel, tarrot cards, the hand of mysteries, and lots of zodiac stuff. They show up in roughly that order. There are more but I don't know anything about them. You know, fortune telling/occult stuff.

8. Vivienne Sato, late night drag queen and architect, did the drawings for the Madame Tarantula and Street of ALICE demo tapes. Vivi likes Aubrey Beardsley I assume.

9. I saw a fanart. From what I have heard from a friend and from this really random girl who was walking down the street a while ago, him and Mana would not hug each other if circumstances permitted. Not that they hate each other or anything but they're just not that close.

10. I have a theory as to why Velvet Eden changed so much. I think Dada is reasonable. That means that once he reached a certain age he decided that it was BAD to wear a T-back, and didn't so much anymore. Which is a good thing; I got so tired of his bottom, and so fed up with my friend's homophobic roommate, that we were going to blow up a HUGE picture of it and stick it on her bathroom wall. She's silly ^^ But now I can respect his bottom and shant.

11. n/a

12. If Dada were a My Little Pony...

Create A My Little Pony Persona by hollyann
Your Name
Your First Pony Name Strawberry
Your Second Pony Name Crunch
Your Pony Species Adult Pegasus
Your Body Colour Pink
Your Hair Colour Yellow
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Dada, pink, *snoort* Well, the guys from The Velvet were all baby ponies. And they clashed. So I guess this isn't too bad...

13. He code switches a lot. It's amusing.

14. Dada's Sad Mask dress is just wide enough to fit through most door frames. That appears to be the fundamental difference between him and Mana.

15. He described Velvet Eden as "pornographic imaginative power." Now I know it doesn't really seem that way at first so much but really, dig deeper...and use your imagination, of course ^^

15. A Lost was, like, shot in a storage basement or something *lol*

16. There are other little quirks of his that you could probably pick up on from the gallery/interview and song translations, but I think I'll let you figure those out on your own. I'll give you something though...the falling apart like a rose and s/m...does it remind you of anything? *no, not Shiroi Hada blahblah*...think...birdies...and if you need another hint, remember that most jrockers are dorky.

17. Apparently he has maybe told people things he probably shouldn't about other jrockers...this is off of something I read on a message board (yeah, I know...), but also from second hand experience. Read something about Ryuutarou too, won't get into it here cause I'm not about to go spreading rumors about everyone >_< But I am willing to spread rumors about myself, if anyone feels the need to hear something juicy.

18. In volume 26 of MGazette his eyes are glowing bright green! Then there's this one song about a guy in a mask with glowing green eyes that I absolutely love called "Kamen no Kuchizuke." The two are probably not related but WOW all the same ^^ Also, if you look at the sleeping bag pictures there's one where all the cosplayers/goths are looking at Dada and Kai, and right in the middle there's this old guy just standing there. It's really funny.

19. In the "Ningyou Shoukan" CD he's listed as a "dollmaker," meaning he makes dolls. This should clear up some of his songs. Wonder if he made the dolls for the PV's.

20. I'm sharing ^^ From Kinnikuman, when they are trying to find a superhero *translation not by me so read from right to left*

...I need say no more...

21. I bet you weren't expecting this.

But yet it is still here >_<

22. I think these are the same arms:

If so, the members of Velvet Eden are still hanging around Nichome >_<
And they like Doraemon and wrestling and are kind of unusual (...duh)

23. Kittyfire is the name of a villian from Mirrorman. It's also the name of an event held at a club that Dada use to go to...but doesn't anymore. Really. You won't find him there because he doesn't do drag anymore.

24. Dada did the illustrations for Kyou's Deadly Clarence, which are pretty awesome. He seems more likely to refer to himself in terms of his artwork and costume design, and not as a drag queen or vocalist of a band.

25. Tsuppari Visual Rock and Roll is a cover of "High School Rock and Roll" by Yokohama Ginbae. The song was covered as the ED theme for the cartoon "Super Milk Chan", which is where I personally think they got it from. It's about a loopy litle girl and her giant, ditzy baby bottle who swear at things ^^

26. To date the only one who has freely mentioned having been in Velvet Eden is Abe.

27. Dada had a beard for a while .

28. Velvet Eden's debut was at the first Chikachitsu Event on Haloween of 1999. On that night, Dada, Ya-su, and Ao also formed the one time only Mononoke Unit where Dada was the Miniskirt Police. They covered Nakamori Akina's [Tatoo]...and apparently didn't do a very true-to-the-artist cover, even though she was in a miniskirt for her own performance and looked pretty silly (ps. go listen to Mi Amore)




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