How've you all been?
The cats of my house are typically genki.
We always sleep together at night, and the middle of the bed ends up under cat occupation, and so I'm always curled up really small on the side somewhere (laughs).
Thanks to that, I feel sleep deprived every day...
I do take naps though so it's alright.

There's about a month left to [domiNATE]'s release date,
but I've prepared a sample release.
The reservation rate is faster than usual this time, so there are only a limited number of CD's left.
I suggest you hurry if you haven't done so yet.
Right now I'm listening to the sample and This is awesome.
Hope you're looking forward to it.

Hora 9.20.09

Well, cat military bed occupation exhaustion is better than depression exhaustion...*lol naps*
At any rate you heard the dude. Go order if you haven't already~
The new order form's pretty cool too



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